Xin Dong De Yan Zhi (2022)

Xin Dong De Yan Zhi (2022)


Yan Ning is a girl who is not good at words. She has been in love with Shen Zhi Zhou for many years but can’t face the ending of being rejected. She chooses to erase her feelings for Shen Zhi Zhou through psychotherapy; Shen Zhi Zhou is a man who does not believe in love, because he is afraid of losing his best friend. Avoid feeling for Yan Ning. Two public figures are fettered by each other again because of a star dating show. They work together and overcome many difficulties, and finally realize that running away is not the best option, and only facing them can bring happiness to each other.

Other Name: 心動的顏執 , Xin Dong De Yan Zhi





Cast: N/A

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